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Westag & Getalit AG is a leading European manufacturer of wood and plastics products based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. Our two divisions Doors/Frames and Surfaces/Elements offer customised solutions from a single source. With effect of 1st January 2014 the Plywood/Formwork sector was integrated into the Surfaces/Elements division and remains at their customers’ disposal as usual. Our flexible, state-of-the-art production and sophisticated logistics enable us to meet our customers’ demand for affordable, high-quality products with short delivery times.
Doors/Frames An important part of the door division’s philosophy is the rapid delivery program AVANTI XXL - the trademark for a wide variety of door & frame products coupled with short-term availability. This fast, flexible and customer-oriented approach has been the basis of Westag & Getalit’s success in recent years. By combining modern design and a high level of technical expertise with advanced IT and sophisticated logistics, Westag & Getalit has achieved their market presence and reputation. . With their standard, and custom-made, range of doors & frames, they seek to cover all the requirements of the customers within the building trade. The customers appreciates the unique variety of surface decors, the wide range of door and frame types to suit both standard installations as well special projects with high-performance doors requiring technical solutions and properties.

Westag & Getalit AG realise production under brands

The product variety of our five brands makes all dreams in terms of interior doors come true. We can help you find the perfect solution for every need. Offices
Public areas
  • Protective acrylic lacquer
  • Wood reproduction or plain coloured decor
  • Shockproof door skin

This brand represents a program of „budget doors
  • This brand represents a program of „budget doors
  • Wood reproduction or plain coloured decor
  • Shockproof door skin

This program of doors is manufactured in house in compliance with the highest quality standards

  • Melamine resin coating
  • Hot pressure surface (HPS) wood structure reproduction
  • Craft skin
  • Shockproof door skin

High Pressure Laminates acc. to DIN EN438.

  • Protective acrylic lacquer
  • Wooden framing
  • Shockproof door skin

Real wood veneered doors are produced in modern manufacturing lines and offer the excellent usage properties of a natural product.

  • Protective lacquer
  • Colour finish
  • Shockproof door skin

White or colored lacquered series door with a stylish surface, used in private as well as in industrial and commercial building construction.
Doors structure
Rebate options Squere edge
Available for all types of surfaces
Round edge
Available only for surface Portalit (HPS) и Dekorit
Round edge
Available only for surface WestaLife
Segmental edge
Available only for surface WestaLack
Door leaf core options Special honeycomb core
For interior doors with low requirements for price-conscious builders.
Semi-solid tubular chipboard core.
The successful compromise between the special honeycomb core and the tubular chipboard core (available in PortaLit and WestaLife finishes.)
Tubular chipboard core
For solid building and quality-aware builders.
Solid chipboard core
For heavy-duty doors and soundproof apartment entrance doors in combination with a floor-closure seal.
WOODEN FRAMES Wooden wrap-around architrave frames feature a highly versatile range of applications and satisfy the most discerning demands. They are one of the most sophisticated and versatile frame systems and are available for most standard wall thicknesses with architraves up to 100m wide. Whether modern or classic, choose from our range of types and finishes to suit doors, with either rebated or flush edges, for a perfect solution.

Standard wooden frame with rounded edges
Suitable for all door leaves with square and rounded edges. The frame is also available with architrave widths of 65 mm and 75 mm as a special open.
Wooden frame with square edges
Suitable for all door leaves with flush edges. The frame is optionally available with architrave widths of 65 mm and 75 mm. The new AluStyle wooden frame (aluminum look) also has a flush appearance
Frame type P2
Frame type P2 creates a modern look by featuring an appealing rounded architrave. Available in the surface finishes PortaLit A 223 (white HPS) AH 74 (rustic maple), BU 88 (flowery beech) and WestaLack (white lacquer
Frame type P1
This profiled architrave goes together well with our Provence country house doors. Available in the surface finish WestaLack (white lacquer finish)
Assessment of the required frame dimensions for wooden wrap-around frames These parameters can help you to clarify required size for order
Size to be ordered (mm) 65  70  80  100  125  145  165  185 
Adjustment range from 65  70  80  100  121  141  161  181 
up to 78  86  96  116  141  161  181  201 

Size to be ordered (mm) 205  225  240  270  290  310  330 
Adjustment range from 201  221  236  266  286  306  326 
up to 221  241  256  286  306  326  346 

min. wall thickness for flush closing types 100mm, min. wall thickness for WestaLife 70mm; max wall thickness 620mm
WESTAG & GETALIT meets all soundproofing and security require,ments of DIN 4109.

Sound transmission class  Soundproofing
test result in
used in 
SK27 32dB 

standard apartment entrance doors, Office doors, up to 2*Hotels

SK32 37dB  Apartment entrance doors, Hotels, Office doors, up to 3*Hotels
SK37  42dB  conference halls, meeting rooms 4* and 5* Hotels
Fire protection / smoke protection
Our fire rated doors adapt perfectly to almost all situations in a project. They can be hardly distinguished from non-rated interior doors by their look. In addition to fire-rated doors, we also offer combined versions for additional smoke protection requirements and sound insulation

Door structure  Function
Fire rated doors (in acc. with DIN and GOST Standards) Protection against fire for 30 and 60 minutes (acc. to DIN 90 minutes instead of 60)
Smoke protection doors (in acc. with DIN and GOST Standards) Prevent the penetration of smoke, that contains toxic gases and produces smoke screens.

DIMENSIONS DIN standard dimensions for doors and wooden (frames)

Door leaf size (rebated) net clearance (flush closing) Minimum wall opening Recommended wall opening
Width in mm (of wooden frame)      
610  569  635  650 
735  694  760  775 
860  819  885  900 
985  944  1010  1025 
1110  1069  1135  1150 
1235  1194  1260  1275 
Height in mm (of wooden frames)       
1985  1972  2005  2010 
2110  2097  2130  2135 

Exclusive optional equipment Our high-grade accessories and special options turn every door into a real eye-catcher. The wide architrave, special nickel-plated hinges in matt finish and the comfort lock with whisper latch do not only improve the look of your door but also convince through their technical features.

The broader architrave with a width of 65mm gives the entire door a stylish look.





The nickel-plated hinges V 4426 WF with matt finish go perfectly with the stainless steel handle and provide a maintenance-free, high-grade, technically perfect solution





The comfort lock with whisper latch ensures A smooth, low-noise closing of the door

DOOR CLOSERS With sliding track or standard arm
As WBO Door-Consult standard solution supplied with doors-a door closer with stainless steel cover Westag & Getalit doors can also be supplied with hidden door-closer and hidden hinges type Tectus GLAZING TYPES For fire doors please take into consideration the rule «glazing should not exceed 25 % of the door leaf» acc. to certificate!